Show Name and Photo in Page Error Log

>> Sunday, September 18, 2011

Who forgets the password or typing the password wrong can happen to anyone the opportunity to retype the password for the umpteenth time charging, until the time limit specified by the system. Not unlike a Facebook account featuring a "re-enter your password" every time you either inputting a password.

Unfortunately, the Facebook message with a full complement and photos so that user scan be exploited by spammers (data thieves), and can be regarded as a bug. Apparently, the existence of a bug in the log, the privacy setting for the search would not have had a role to overcome them. Only by has a number of e-mail list, including e-mails that are generated automatically or random and Facebook automatically via a script, spammers can easily logs the user's real name.

These circum stances, can support a type of phishing attacks and worm attacks Koob face. In order for this condition did not last long, in no time, Facebook was going to make improvements.


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