Security Monitor Pro 4.43 Simultaneously Supports Several Webcams

>> Sunday, September 18, 2011

As the name implies, Security Monitor Pro can be used to monitor security in the desired area covers a much larger scale such as parking areas, stores, and offices alsohave a large space because it supports up to 16 IP cameras use a webcam or 4 simultaneously.

To capitalize a single computer, each camera used can be set in accordance with their respective functions in detecting and monitoring all activities. This software can display layer review, such as record videos, take pictures, hide the alarm, and also can send e-mail

Another capability of Securit Monitor Pro program, when the camera detects movement, you can set it automatically to produce the video footage can be uploaded and sent to the FTP server in accordance with the arrangements that have been done before.

Features at a Glance :

Control up to 16 camera feeds, simultaneously
Use IP cams (Ethernet or Wireless), USB cams and even analog CCTV (via converter)
Has the most extensive support for camera models - over 1,000 and counting
Pan, tilt and zoom cameras to adjust coverage areas
Supports High Res cameras, with multi-resolution recording
Backup and restore cameras with individual settings
Operate in hidden mode

Price : $ 89.95 USD
Trial : 30 Day

Minimum System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 7 / 2008 / Vista / 2003 / XP
1.5 GHz Processor
2 GB free hard disk space
IP or USB Camera(s)


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