Addressing a New or Used Hard Disk Not Detected

>> Tuesday, December 7, 2010

When you buy a new hard disk with large size or large capacity is certainly very exciting, because it can store large amounts of data. But in every installation of the hard disk is not always smooth, there must be obstacles or failures in the installation. If you experience like that, do not always try to overcome panic with the following tips may be helpful:
  1. Check compatibility, make sure your hard disk is compatible with your computer
  2. Check all the cards that you attach. Check whether the card is properly installed, may be can happen because when you nudge your hard disk installer
  3. Check all connectors, cables, pins on the hard disk to connect to the motherboard
  4. Check the jumper settings are correct, read the instructions contained in the user guide
  5. Check the power supply specification, each time you add new hardware to the computer, will generally require greater power
  6. Check the hard disk type settings in the bios, make sure the hard disk type settings in the bios does not exceed the physical specifications of your hard disk.
  7. Check your hard disk that you use from a viral infection. Before using a disk owned by someone into your computer, be it a flash disk, optical disk or external hard disk, do a scan with the latest antivirus software.
Good luck I hope these tips useful…….


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