New Games Ghosts' n Goblins Online at G-Star 2010

>> Saturday, November 6, 2010

A game Ghosts' n Goblins newly developed by a company developer of Korea, Seed9, reportedly will appear on the show G-Star 2010 in Seoul at the end of this month. With the title Ghosts' n Goblins Online, the newest game from this horrible franchise will include new characters by using the class system.

Details about this game is still not too much, but according to information available, it is said that this online action game will still use the model side-scrolling as well as in its predecessors. In addition, other elements that come back in this game is the effect where your character when exposed to damage, so your armor will be damaged and as a result, piece by piece outfit your character will begin to disappear.

It also said that the game will be shown on the show G-Star 2010, will be able to be played and you will find two new classes here, the knight and the bow-maker, 24 moves that can be used as well as 40 types of monsters you can encounter.


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