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>> Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You are bored with the player-made parties to the three, and you want to make the mp3 player itself does not hurt you to make your own mp3 player. In addition to the design according to his own desire, for your friend may be interested to adan self-made player. Thus can make money pocket. To make it even easier to live drag & drop. If you are curious please follow the steps below:

To make this mp3 player you need software with a name Progie MultiMedia Builder (MMB). download MMB: MultiMedia Builder

Once you install it, please follow the method below:

First Steps

Open MMB by clicking on its shortcut on the desktop, you will see the initial view MMB. White field at the center are our worksheets. To the right of the spreadsheet contained the Object List window. This window will contain a description of objects contained in our project. Before the work we do storage project by pressing [Ctrl S] or by clicking its icon in the toolbar. Fill in the name of the project that you want, for example MP3PlayerWe. The project will be saved with the extension. MBD.

Step Two

First we do the general settings for the MP3 player that we will create. On the toolbar click the [Project]> [General Settings] dialog box will pop up Project Settings. In the form Quick Preset select size dimensions 320 x 200. In the form window title Tittle write MP3 player that you want, for example MP3PlayerWe. Check the Windows Standard option, then click [OK].

Third Step

Next to the background we will use an image. Enter your desired image. Click [Object]> [Bitmap], find the image you have prepared earlier and then click [Open]. can be given your own picture, or drawing your own creations, for better MP3 prettier after the given background, increase with animated images (*. GIF), how to "Object - Animated GIF". Animated love that can move.

Fourth Step

Currently on a worksheet will look the picture. Make some adjustments. You can pan, zoom in or out of the picture. To see a preview please your MP3 player built right click on media work and then select [Test current page]. To close the preview click on the cross at the top right corner. Notice the Object List window on the right worksheet, there are currently writing a bitmap.

Step Into Five

Now you are ready to enter the keys in the MP3 player function. Click the wizard icon with a picture of a magic wand on the toolbar. Drop down menu will appear, click on the option [Insert MP3 Control]. Seen on a worksheet function buttons such as play, stop, pause, and others. Also visible indicator of time of the song to be played. MP3 Control Put this on your desired location, do I just drag and drop in the right place.

Step Into Six

To be more exciting time enlarging the font indicator. Do I click twice on the indicators of time or can also double click on the text in the window CBKTime Object List. Will the Text Properties dialog box appears. Click the [Fonts] select the font type and size you want and click the [OK] twice. To change the font color of the triangle in the form click Color Interaction, select the color you want and click [OK].

Seventh Step

Do also step 6, to change the length of the song CBKTotal or indicators that will be being played. Set the location of the two indicators of time so that its position becomes more attractive. Perform with drag and drop to where you want.

Go to Step 8

Now you create a text that shows song title being played. I click the icon [Aa] is to the left of the worksheet, and then click on the sheet% le click here .. with the character > in large quantities or "OK”. It would appear papers Double click here ... Double click on the text will display the Text Properties dialog box. In the form label select [CBK_MP3Name]. Change the Doub 0 can also with other characters as you wish you. The character ">" is only intended to make the preview visible location of the title song. You also can change the font type and color choices to do as in step 6.

Go to Step 9

Now it's time to do tests on your MP3 Player. Right click on the worksheet and then select [Test current page]. Will display showing your MP3 player. In control MP3 player that is open click the rightmost button. Open dialog box will appear, locate the song file you want to play and click [Open]. Well now the song would have sounded, note also that the title song is already visible.
Also make sure the other control buttons work fine. If there is no problem closing this first test page by clicking the close icon in the upper right. Do not forget to save this project with the press [Ctrl S].

Step Into Top Ten

For MP3 players can be played and distributed must change its format into files that can be executed by the file extension EXE. I click the [File]> [Compile], will display a dialog box Check Project and Compile Output Files. Click [Locate] dialog box will appear Distribute files. Specify the directory where the output file, File name written on the form MP3PlayerWe. Finally click [Save] and [OK].

Step Into Eleven

Now the MP3 player is ready to be played and distributed. Resulting file size depends on the image that we put the average 500KB. To use this application double click on the file MP3PlayerWe.exe. Furthermore, this MP3 player is ready for use, open your MP3 files and play a song. Guaranteed sound better.

Good try Good Success.


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