Unison Chatting With ManyCam 2.6.1

>> Saturday, November 6, 2010

If you want to use a webcam while chatting on MSN, Messenger, Yahoo, Skype, AIM, Paltalk, and Camfrog simultaneously. There is software for all that, with the help of this software you can do chatting together, the name of this software is ManyCam.

Another advantage of this software, you can create interesting effects and graphics on the video. Making as if his hands on and face on fire using the fire effects, making as if falling snow inside the house, and many other effects. Intrigued with this software, you can get it for free.

ManyCam brief feature list :
  1. Create, add and submit new pre-made ManyCam effects
  2. New video source "Custom Desktop"
  3. New "Drawing over video" effect
  4. Additional features in "Text over video" effect: multiline input text, transparent background and text, color background
  5. Gif files support in "Still Image" video resource
  6. Pause, Stop buttons in Movie Source
  7. User interface was redesigned and optimized
  8. Windows 2000 support has been added
  9. ManyCam virtual driver was optimized, certified and signed with Microsoft hardware logo program
  10. Effects format was changed to speed-up ManyCam
  11. "Snapshot" feature allows user to catch and save snapshot image
  12. Audio support for movies
  13. Improved quality setting for resize algorithm
  14. New Color effects, Lens effects, "Flame" effect
Download : ManyCam 2.6.1 for windows


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