Increase Internet Speed 4 Times Faster

>> Friday, November 12, 2010

You feel satisfied with your current Internet connection, if not satisfied could be increased 4 times faster with the help of a third party named Max Internet Optimizer v.1.0. The software is designed specifically to improve the slow internet connection to be more optimal than the previous. We know that our internet connection is still far what is expected, which is even worse if you use the phone as a modem up and down speed is very pronounced, because it is influenced by signals.

With the help of this software, for those who use ponselm modem, it felt obliged to try the internet network for our internet connection can be faster, even able to get 8 times faster than before. But to get it, you should buy it, if for a free can only do a scan to detect any possibility of optimizing Internet connection, and all features are not all running.
  1. Avoid unnecessary storage of error pages
  2. Enable flow of control information
  3. Set Selective Acknowledgement
  4. Retransmission of lost data
  5. Set Web page processing priority
  6. Easy to use product interface
You are interested in this software, you can get it for U.S. $ 19.99. to purchase please visit the official website at


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