How to Diversify Driver Certificate In Computer

>> Saturday, August 7, 2010

Certified drivers ensure the stability of the system. Therefore, you should always use a certified driver. To ensure all drivers have been certified, you just use the File Signature Verification tool provided by Windows. Here are the steps:
  1. Run the File Signature Verification program by clicking on the menu "Start", then type sigverit
  2. Click> Advanced
  3. On tabl "Logging" make sure the checkbox "Save the file signature verification results to a log file", and if already elected and end by clicking "OK"
  4. Click the "Start"
After sigverif.exe finished doing its job, will appear a list of installed drivers that have not been certified. A complete list of all drivers that diversification can be found in the c: Windows \ sigverif.txt. drivers who have not received a certification will be given a sign of "Unsigned"

Based on a list of these files, you can find a better driver (certified), you can search the internet through various web sites website provider of vendor drivers or those drivers Maker


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