Learning the logic circuit Logism With Software 2.3.3

>> Sunday, August 8, 2010

Logism 2.3.3. In designing and simulate a logic circuit needed more due diligence and prudence when designing logic circuits properly, it can be directly implemented correctly so that the circuit can also work well.

If one in terms of design, it can be predicted well, the series will be built will also be wrong. This is certainly due to cost disadvantage hadware. To facilitate this, there is no harm in trying an educational tool for the design and simulation of logic circuits called Logism.

With a simple interface, making it easier user in learning the basic of logic circuits, design and simulate using gates, flip-flap, multiplexer, demultiplexer, and so forth. Circuit or circuits can also be stored and exported in the form of "Gif". This software requires Java version 1.4 the installation minimu.

Price: Free
File Size: 3.30 MB


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