Credit Cards Can Pay Using Android

>> Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Square, an application that enables people to receive payments via mobile devices, has released applications for Android. This new system allows small businesses, service providers, charities, or friends you make the payment using a mobile phone.

Latest Android Applications Android requires OS 2.0 or higher than the previous. This application is also compatible with a free credit card reader's Square, which can be plugged into the audio jack and then will process the transaction securely. Square then produce evidence and materials transactions display photos of items you buy

Square to provide free setup and mobile card readers, but to use fee for the transaction. Meanwhile, Advanced Merchant Solutions Inc., have released plaffom payment for the Google Android professional special. Platform with a AMSI Pocket Verifier Professional have spectral features plus pocket, a credit card swipe payment platform and print a receipt.

This application can be downloaded free at Android Market, the company is also listed on the institution Visa / MasterCard Independent Sales Organization (ISO) for Columbus Bank and Trust, and Columbus, GA.


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