Soon Replace Your Firefox Browser To Version 3.6.2

>> Wednesday, March 31, 2010

German government security institutions, Germany Federal Office for Security in Information Technology, warned computer users in the country not to use the latest version of the Firefox browser.

For what reason? Mozilla's party has confirmed that the Firefox 3.6 version has a critical security hole that can be exploited by crackers to hijack Windows PCs. Mozilla will patch the hole, around the date March 30.

It is recommended that users use an alternative browser Firefox update and wait for the planned end of this month's slide, which is version 3.6.2. 3.6.2 beta version when it's already available, but has not been tested thoroughly. So update your Firefox is now to version 3.6.2!

The German government had already released several warnings about the use of a browser that can endanger the user votes.

Earlier, German citizens had been asked to not use the browser Internet Explorer (IE) related 'confession' attack on Microsoft that Google take advantage of weaknesses IE


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