Windows 7 - Products Phone Like Vista Failed?

>> Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Microsoft Corp. valued repeat the mistake when the release of Windows Vista when it launched Windows Phone 7. No half-hearted, saying it posed a former Microsoft executive, who was involved in the launch of Windows Vista.

He is Scott Barnes. Now, Barnes served as UX (User Experience) Readify Pty Ltd Specialist. Previously, Barnes was Rich Platforms Product Manager Microsoft Corp.. Barnes emphasized, such as the launch of Windows Vista, release Windows 7 Phone filled with the rush and unpreparedness.

"For me, the launch of Windows 7 Phone same as the release of Windows Vista. Management pressing subordinates to release the product to market as quickly as possible and the improvements will be made after the product is available in the market," said Barnes.

Microsoft released Windows Vista in 2005 to replace Windows XP, which has marketed since 2001. Windows Vista became a big failure for Microsoft because the operating system that harbored serious problem on the stability and compatibility, so that consumers are not willing to migrate from Windows XP.

Windows Vista harbored various problems because of Microsoft's operating systems released before actually ready. It took several years for Microsoft to improve Windows Vista, and then re-releasing the operating system with a new name, namely Windows 7, in 2009. In 2005, Microsoft had to release a new operating system, which forced the release of Windows Vista, to encourage the growth of sales volume.

Because Microsoft has too long relied Windows XP, which started to dull, so that consumers switch to operating system that is more fresh, the Mac OS X from Apple Inc.. The same case happened on Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft should be immediately released Windows Phone 7 for Windows Mobile 6.5 does not move slightly in the fight at the smartphone. Know the operating system market, Microsoft had limped in building Windows Phone 7. Because Windows 7 Phone plans will begin to be marketed in various 2009.Namun because of technical problems, Microsoft was expected to be ready to market new Phone Windows 7 at the end of 2010.

There is no guarantee Microsoft will not make further delay to make improvements due to a number of weaknesses Windows Phone 7. Report research firm Canalys revealed Ltd., Microsoft in 2008 is still the producer of the third smartphoneterbesar operating system since Windows Mobile world at that time controlled the global market share of 13.9 percent.

But in 2009, Canalys found that Microsoft's position down to number four. Cause, the global sales volume licenses of Windows Mobile in 2009 dropped 26.4 percent compared to the 2008.Akibat decline, the global market share of Windows Mobile was trimmed to just 8.8 percent in 2009. Canalys explained, the sales volume of global smartphone operating system in general in 2009 grew 16.2 percent per year.

But in the five major groups, Microsoft is the only manufacturer that has decreased the volume of sales. Volume sales of Windows Mobile operating system collapsed because it was unable to compete against the newcomers, especially from Google Inc's Android, and iPhone OS from Apple.

In the Canalys report, Android is a smartphone operating system won the highest growth in 2009, which is 1073.5 percent. As a result, the global market share Android in 2009 jumped to 7.2 percent, from 3.4 percent in 2008. Therefore, any Android directly poke into fifth position, just behind Windows Mobile. Until the end of 2009, the difference in the global market with Android is Windows Mobile 4.1 percent.

For a while, Windows Mobile advantage over Android. But if Android able to maintain its growth pace, and Windows Mobile are not able to rise, then Android expected to run over Windows Mobile at the end of 2010.

Smartphone Android operating bersistem first marketed in late 2008. Since then, the global sales volume Android smartphones continue to increase many times over because Android getting wide support from handset manufacturers and mobile operators. Google reveals, at this moment Android operating system has been used in 26 types of smartphones. Android smartphones also have the support of 59 mobile operators operating in 48 countries.

"Android smartphone sales volume in the world at present amounts to more than 60,000 units in one day. Course, we expect this growth to continue in the long run," said Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt, Google Inc., the AFP report.(


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