How to Communicate / Phone Through Internet in Indonesia With VOIP

>> Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to communicate for free with Voip. VoIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol is a technology that uses voice communication, the Internet network as a medium. Voip standard is very much at all like SIP, H.323, MGCP, RTP, OSP, and others. Currently the most widely used standard in the world is an open standard SIP voip.

To communicate, friends, relatives, colleagues, and so generally you should both use VoIP with the same voip provider. However, depending on whether providernya also has joined with other voip server or not both domestic and foreign. To communicate to a home phone / PSTN, mobile hp, SLI and typically will be charged in accordance with the provisions of the voip providers respectively.

Here the point is that you do not need to pay a single penny or in voip network provider only pay for internet access.

Conditions required to communicate via voip phone:

1. Internet Connection
you can use your Internet connection like telkomnet instant, or it also uses smart enough.

2. Computer PC / Laptop
Make sure your computer no sound drivers to receive and send voice. Usually the standard sound drivers installed in your computer already. You just make sure there are mic and speakers or headphones are miknya. You can also use a special phone voip with a USB plug which can be found in computer stores.

Try the test with a sound recorder software on the computer if it's windows can record sound. If there is a problem on the failed berart sound driver or hardware / hardware you use.

3. Software / Software VOIP Special
You can download a program to communicate via voip. There are many options but the easiest to use because it does not require a lot of settings are VoMa if you use a VoIP provider Marsinah. X-Lite and SJ Phone is other software that you can use to perform various settings first.

4. Registration Number Phone on Free VOIP Service Providers
You should get a special phone number to contact and be contacted by others. For Indonesia I suggest communicating on free voip provider:
- Voip Marsinah / VoMa:
- Voip Rakyat:

5. Knowledge Base For Setting Up 4 It on Top
Read the instructions or user guides on free voip service provider you use. Each provider requires the configuration settings of each are different. If you fail it means that there is something wrong in your settings. If it fails to continue to contact your provider each for more info.


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