How to Disable Onboard Devices

>> Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some causes of the failure is due to the destruction possting onboard devices installed on the computer. Some devices are commonly installed onboard the motherboard among other Acrd VGA, Sound Card, and LAN Card / Wirelles Card / Frewire. Symptoms are caused system hangs and does not appear on the monitor. Therefore, we need to turn off (disable) function of onboard devices, and should be replaced with other devices are plugged into the motherboard. We can turn off the Functions of damaged devices directly without disturbing the operating system, except for onboard VGA.

To disable an onboard device, go into the BIOS and then select the Disable option. To activate it again, select the Enable option. After that, save the settings and restart the computer. Perform these steps until the system can perform the booting process


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