Facebook User Data Entry into the Pirate Bay

>> Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Many Facebook users have less, and even do not realize the importance of public access restrictions for configuration data personally, one of them is using the Privacy settings "search for me on Facebook". Search facility users on Facebook seems to have worried about the privacy user's privacy settings "search for me on Facebook" it is still everyone, because one of the Researchers found That Had the data from many users posted on file-sharing site, is a private one between the Bay

These conditions make the data stored cans Permanently and no longer be controlled by its owners so it Can be said to make changes too many times for data users on Facebook is just futile. These stored data Can be downloaded for free by anyone.

Known for more than ten thousand times the file has been downloaded. Seeing this incident, preferably at a later date, prior to enter the data correctly, the user must first change the configuration settings for privacy. (news.cnet.com)


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