Repair Plug-in On Security Firefox 3.6.8

>> Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In just a matter of days since the emergence of Firefox 3.6.7, released another development Mozilla latest version, Firefox version is 3.6.8. As for this latest version is intended to make repairs dangling pointer crah regression parameters derived from an array of plugins, and fixes the problem on the Adobe Flash Player plugin and a built in update service ons that are flags by Symantec Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security 2010 user experience, after an update version 3.6.7

Seeing all these weaknesses fairly high risk, the Mozilla team urge users to update to Mozilla Firefox latest version, either automatically or manually update by selecting Check for updates.

Minimum Specifications: Windows 2000
File Size: 8.18 MB
Name of Manufacturer: Mozilla


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