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>> Saturday, September 17, 2011

Who want to travel or leave home for a long time, and in an empty house, but still want the house safe from things that are not desirable? Use only SecureCam program, this program can assist you in monitoring any situation from a distance. In addition to monitor you can also record video and pictures or just want to see the situation in realtime. To run this program, it takes the computer device, a webcam, and of course the internet.

This application will work when detects a movement. So when there is movement it will show a picture or video on a web-based display using the browser. When executed, SecurityCam will wait and work when it detects the movement caught on camera. Once the cameras detect it, he will be activated immediately in accordance with the arrangements that have been done before.

To view a video in realtime, you just enter the IP is available, and access please use the browser. The most interesting part of this program, the recording of images or video stored by date, and one more thing this program can be used to hide the alarm sound from a distance during the detection of something suspicious.

10 EUR
Windows XP/Vista/Seven
DirectX 8.0 or above
1.78 MB

Download : SecurityCam
Licensi : Trial 30 day


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