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>> Saturday, September 17, 2011

One of the main keys of success you get a lot on earnings is to have friends who are right on your friends list. What is meant here is a friend who voluntarily return rating you give to them without having asked him (because begging rating bias cause you got banned).

How do I know that it will retaliate friend Kiya rating that we give? The answer is actually Simpe course, see their statistics! More specifically, look how many ratings they provide and the amount of rating they get. If the number of ratings they gave (rating given) the same or more than the rating that they give (ratings received) then it is most likely that they will reward rating that you give to them. But if the ratings given them less than the received, then most likely they will not return your rating.

My advice, examiner Fiend your list one by one. If you are a member as the authors mentioned above (rating received far greater than the rating given), then I just delet advice. Typically the member is happy to SPAM your inbox begging ratings and promised to give ratings behind, when in fact they will not do. Have few friends but qualified and willing to help you is better than having many friends who will not help you at all.


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