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>> Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chatting with friends on facebook using the complete collection of albums, very enjoyable and can add intimacy among friends on Facebook.

Unfortunately, upload photos and videos through the browser to the facebook is very slow and sometimes uload file becomes corrupted or damaged. Upload their 3D animation clips to Facebook for example, files are often frozen after reaching half a percent.

With Bloom, you not only can upload photos and videos but also can download the album and video belong to friends and browse the albums. It can be done by Bloom software quickly and easily.

  1. Upload photos and videos to Facebook which includes tagging people: (more than 200 photos supported and privacy)
  2. Import cutom photo Exif info (IPTC) into the photo caption
  3. Download albums from Facebook
  4. View your friends photos
  5. Save individual photos
  6. Support for uploads behind a Proxy server
  7. Windows/Mac/Linux/Solaris compatible
Bloom New Version 2.9.0
Download http://antaki.ca/bloom/index.php


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