How to Block Facebook

>> Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cyberspace is a natural third after natural and supernatural reality. In the virtual world we can freely interact with anyone without territorial limits. If so, for children, free interaction in cyberspace can be dangerous if without control of parents or teachers.

One site that is considered dangerous by a group of people is faceboook, for facilitating friendship freely. In fact, the facebook had annihilated by some scholars. Moreover, a number of criminal cases instead of starting from just chatting casually on facebook.

Following this, three techniques that can be done to block Facebook or site that is considered dangerous:

1. Adding a Mozilla Add-Ons 0.7.1 BlockSite named Erik van Kempen works of European origin.

Blocking techniques as the site in general, BlockSite also allows us to enter the url address of the site to the block and open it anytime we like. In fact, for security, blockSite protect themselves with a password so not everyone can play the block. Install Add-Ons BlockSite here.

Unfortunately, blocking sites with the above only applies to the Mozilla Firefox browser only, so these sites can still be accessed through a browser. To block on all browsers, the following two ways can be used:

2. Using web services via multiple service blocker following sites:

3. If the above steps can still be in the leak, use blocking technique driversetc by modifying files in the Windows operating system.


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