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>> Sunday, August 22, 2010

Software for translation of today are very many kinds, one can Persada Translator v3.0 translator from Indonesian to English and vice versa, the most unique of these tools in addition to the language above, you can translation from Indonesian language to language areas such as:

1. Indonesia – Java/Jawa
2. Indonesia – Sundanse/Sunda
3. Indonesia - Minang
4. Indonesia – Betawi/Batavia

Results of this software is quite successful translation presents a good fit that we expect, and maybe this is because structure similar language. Unlike the English language is a different structure with Indonesian opponent, so the results are unsatisfactory.

As a software translator offline, this software is different from the like, because he has a very small file size approximately 695 KB. In this latest version, Persada improve the speed in translating and improving the number of words can be interpreted as offering the ability pronunciation of words and sentences in English.

To try it please get the software for free download here.

Developer: Persadatranslator
Price: Free
License: Free
Specifications: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7


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