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>> Monday, August 23, 2010

You are a designer logo, or interested in the design world lgo? If yes, you have to shoot the works of designers in the world logo Logo My Way, which bring together the company's website or who are looking for a logo for their organization with the designers.

You can ask for help to the designers here to make a logo for your company or organization. Of course it's not free. You have to open the contest with a par value of U.S. $ 200. The next, you must provide a description of the logo such as what to expect.

The designers are challenged by your competition, will from Them send work to this website. Later, you must Decide WHO Nowhere the logo comes out as the winner. CITES website Iniakan 10% of the value of a logo That you pay here.

If you are a designer or are familiar with the design and wanted to get odd jobs, can be directly joined this website and following an open competition.



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