Newest Innovation Samsung Camera 2 Layer

>> Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Samsung Electronics recently 2View offering new camera, which is 14.2-megapixel camera ST600 and ST100. ST600 and ST100 and ST550 are expected to become the successor of ST500, but to offer stylish design, he also adopted a dual LCD Samsung revolutionary technology.

This new model Samsung 2View circuit camera, ST600 and ST100 had each received an upgrade to the front LCD screen, which currently comes with a size of 1.8 inches, 0.3 inches larger than the front of the camera LCD screen 2View predecessor. Samsung 2View ST600, and ST100 is also available in four stylish colors that inspire moods, including pink, gold, black, and violet.
Samsung ST600

The four are slim and compact design with a metal layer to create an elegant impression, these two new cameras are equipped with high-quality lenses Scneider Kreuznach, which is supported by optical and digital image stabilization to help consumers make the picture blurry.
Samsung ST100

ST600 combines 27 mm wide-angle focal leght with a 5x optical zoom, while the ST100 is the first digital camera that features 2View intrnal, 5x optical zoom, which makes design an optimal still look chic. A pair of new cameras will be present in the world market at the end of August this year.



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