TOKYOFlash Kisai Night Vision

>> Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lately, the hours that the market is not only the design as atimepiece. The hours are designed to be able to display the time information in a unique way. As one of the latest series TOKYOFlash the recently launched, TOKYOFlash Kisai Night Vision.

Rather than just display a clock with analog display consensional or standard, Kisai Night Visio comes with a design that combines analog and digital clock with a distinctive style TOKYOFlash. To be able to know the time and date information is desired, the user must first press a special button located on top part hours. Time or date information is displayed in LED lights that have read his own way.

LED lights are part circular outer section serves as a guide or a month time clock are displayed in different methods. In addition, users will also still be given the alarm feature and animation model LED lights are very attractive and can be switched between the hours of 6pm to midnight.

TOKYOFlash Kisai Night Visio is a digital wristwatch with the function of a battery that can be recharged via a special USB device charger. If you are interested to have it, this device can you have with price range of USD 129.00


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