Mandriva 2011 Finally Launched

>> Sunday, October 9, 2011

After several months of delays, the developer Mandirava finally launched. This new distribution has been using the Linux kernel version and 7.6 with X server 1.10.3. Systend, replacing SysVinit which has been used in previous versions of Mandriva.

Other changes include Amarok is replaced by Clementine, Clementine respond to some of the advantages of lighter and more stable than in Amarok as the default music app. Introduced the latest applications, namely Choqok, micro blogging client based KDE. This is also the first version of Mandriva is using RPM5 by default.

Mandriva 2011 also offers Mandriva Sync cloud service that provides storage of up to 2 GB of data online. Currently, the only way is to sync data with client applications, but also bias the data is accessed through a web browser

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