How To Phone Free With Gmail Account

>> Monday, August 30, 2010

Google continues to improve itself in order to anticipate that more and more internet users a lot. After launching the Google facility Me some time ago, now there is a new product that enables Gmail users can make international calls. Not free sms, but the product Phone Via Gmail is certainly going to be a breakthrough for one of the biggest players in the virtual world the tariffs applied also practically quite cheap. To be able to enjoy telephone services via Gmail, you only need a computer and a microphone and speakers. Through it all, you can interact via telephone with friends, family or your kerbat residing elsewhere

Because it is still in its early stages, Gmail voice and video chat is still destined for gmail users who are in America, but with the time, Google also will seek to expand the telephone network via Gmail is for the international community. And as an introduction, the American public can still be tested with a free telephone facility. To enjoy this service, you no longer need to create a new account for gmail voice and video chat for your Gmail account directly on the telephone is equipped with facilities

Wait for the presence of telephone or via gmail with gmail also called voice and video chat. Hopefully, it is very helpful for us who need telephone service that is easy, cheap and fast. Regarding tariffs, please you can see how that has been assigned by Google


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