Clean File Not Helpful With 4:38 DISKMAX

>> Monday, August 30, 2010

DiskMax 4.38 is the computer software provided for free and legally has the ability to clean up files that are useless / junk in your computer of useless files that can reduce the performance of your computer. Actually a lot of software that similar high-priced but if there is a free kepad must buy, with no less ability to pay.

Functions and benefits DiskMax better than windows disc clean tool and an innate ability to experiment with the software you deserve that kind of expensive. Designed with user friendly interface and easy to use, DiskMax equipped with three types of scan profile that is Quick, Standard and detail. Each profile that you can use to clean garbage files with great accuracy. You also can set its own preferences to your liking.

DiskMax Can you obtain the Following features:
  1. Clean up recycle bin, instalation leftover, and debugging information
  2. Cleaning the user's history, temporary Internet files, cookies, error reporting logs, etc.
  3. Cleaning the windows cache, internet logs, repair information, DLL caches, logs, temporary files and files windows update roll-back.
  4. Cleaning the rest of the installation of Vista SP1 / SP2
  5. Cleaning the registry entries for multiple lists most recently Used
  6. Clean up useless files with the extension of the logs, old, PRV, CHK, SWP, Tub, gid, wbk, tmp and DMP. Can you enable or disable this feature if you want to keep save the file.
  7. Defrag your hard disk.
With diligent cleaning piles of useless files on your computer, then you will improve performance and in particular hard drive's performance and enhance overall computer performance

Download : Software Here


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