How to Change the Video Format To 3gp VCD

>> Friday, August 6, 2010

In everyday life we know of several video formats currently available that can not be mentioned one by one you already know. Example of an important moment sometimes in certain moments, we just made a video recording with a phone that is only seen in a mobile phone that supports file. Mobile phones with video recording features only limited video format 3gp certainly difficult to play back the video in addition to the phone's features. On the computer we can not directly play it in Windows Media Player or other media player such as VCD player.

What if turning on the dvd player there is no supporting 3gp video format. However, this is not impossible, can be done by changing the format 3gp videos into formats supported by the DVD player and VCD player.

Software currently available no one can directly change the format 3gp to VCD or DVD. Capable only convert 3gp videos into avi format. However, based on the experience I try, the result of the conversion can not be converted into VCD by software such as Nero CD burner directly. This is because the conversion of raw avi format.

There are several free and easy way, and without loss of quality 3gp video quality itself. A lot of software that can turn into raw avi 3gp format among ImTOO 3GP Converter and 3GP Mobile Converter MIKSOFT. Here we select MIKSOFT Mobile 3GP Converter because the program is simple, free, and the conversion result is quite nice. To download the This software is changing the file (file) your 3gp video formats to raw avi.

For more details, the following steps:
  1. Install and open software.
  2. Select the 'single file conversion' to convert a 3gp video file only or 'multiple files conversion' for the conversion of more than one file at a time 3gp. Click the '+' to add the 3gp files to be converted and specify the folder location of the conversion, then click 'Convert Now!'.
  3. Run Windows Movie Maker, click> Star t> Programs> Windows Movie Maker.
  4. Next we focus on Window Movie Maker. Select the 'Collection' on the toolbar icon. Open files conversion results or drag and drop files from Windows Explorer into Windows Movie Maker.
  5. Then select a video file on the 'tree collection' and drag and drop into the 'timeline'. Notice that the videos on the 'timeline' will be stored in a video, so if you need to select the composition of the sequence and edit it so that it looks attractive and feels fit
  6. After that save the movie file by pressing Ctrl + P on your keyboard simultaneously. Select > My Computer > and click> Next.
  7. The contents of the file name and specify the folder where the video will be stored and click > Next. Select > Best quality for playback on my computer or choose High Quality Video pal on 'Other settings'.
In setting details make sure that the highest display size 720 x 576 (pal format DVD) adjust the capacity of your hard disk. The selection is aimed at high quality setting is not to improve the quality of a classmate DVD 3gp videos, but to maintain or reduce the loss of quality when converted into vcd and then click Finish.

Now the video recording device you can transfer the VCD with the help of a CD-burning software, like Nero Burning ROM and the like.


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