How To Make Video Slide Show With Nero

>> Friday, August 6, 2010

Digital album, whose name would require a computer to open it. But that, almost no way we can display the entire collection of digital photos with ease. To display a collection of photos to other devices, we have to convert digital photos into slide shows.

Conversions can be done in many ways, one with Nero Vison. This software is bundled with Nero pake installer. We can arrange a slide show the photos from the files, digital camera or scanner into a piece of the DVD or VCD easily and quickly thanks to the help of this software. These are the steps we have collated so that we can play digital images in other media.
  1. Nero Vision program execution by clicking the menu "Start> All Programs> Nero> Nero 9> Nero Vision
  2. In Nero Vision program, click on "Make a Slide Show> DVD Video.
  3. Specify an image to your input in shoryboard. To take a picture from a folder, you can click the button "Browser for Media> Browsers and Add to Project". To capture images from camera or scanner digfital. Click the "Import TWAIN> Acquire Image ...
  4. Perform drag and drop images on the timeline to adjust the composition of the photo.
  5. Set the duration of each picture by pressing the icon "Duration Setting". After that fill in the Picture visibility time in seconds and check the "Apply to existing pictures."
  6. Right click the mouse on the box which is located between two images, then select "Apply to All Trasition Random Tansition Fileds".
  7. Click "Next> Next"
  8. Design the menu as desired. To disable this feature select the menu, select "Do not create a menu" from the combo box "Mouse to Use"
  9. Click "Next> Next"
  10. Click the "Burn" the disc manufacturing process to be carried out immediately


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