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>> Tuesday, December 14, 2010

For treatment of different laptop with a little more different computers with computer maintenance, because the laptop device is more sensitive than a computer (PC). For that, we must give special attention to the laptop that we have remained durable. Here are some tips that can be done to use and maintain the laptops in order to work in an optimal and durable.

When using a laptop, put on a flat surface, it aims for cooling air circulation laptop runs perfectly. The bottom of the laptop is where the hot air exhaust, if the hole is closed, the heat generated during working laptop does not come out, make a short-lived old laptop. Also, get used to tida using a laptop on the bed, and use the fan (fan extra) for a laptop cooler temperatures and stable.

Start charging a New Laptop
The new laptop you buy must be a fairly long initial charge, usually around 6 to 6 hours (depending on the type of battery used, for example Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, or Li-Ion, and depending on the number of cells used in laptop battery). make sure that we do for long-lasting battery power and more leverage

UPS Can Use
If the laptop that we use in a long time at home (not mobile), should come off the battery and use the UPS for battery longevity. It is very important to do, because we know that price is quite expensive laptop battery, can even reach ¼ laptop prices. Also, Could do charge the battery up to 75%, do not fully

Battery drain
If the laptop battery life we have weak start, drain the battery. To do, use the laptop completely dead (standby), and let the process standby until the battery really does not have electrical power. After that, charge the battery fully. Make sure the power is off when the charging process takes place. This process aims to ion-ion battery that is in a position to work at low and full. Especially if we often use the laptop while in-charge.

Hold Laptop With True
When we want to hold laptops should remain on the LCD, as this can lead to rupture and cause fluid screen of liquid CD is damaged. This of course will hurt us, because the price is quite expensive LCDs, the range ½ laptop prices

Keep away from Beverage Laptops
Do not place drinks next to the laptop. If water is spilled and soaked laptop, this can be fatal, even a laptop can be totally dead. Drinking water is spilled and soaked the keyboard and caused a short circuit until we have to replace it. The price of a laptop keyboard is not as cheap as the price of the computer keyboard (PC)

Laptop lap
Not recommended for use by latop lap. The use of this kind can make us exposed to electromagnetic radiation from the laptop. In addition, the laptop will also be hot because the hot exhaust air hole is covered by our bodies. Moreover, the shocks that can result from an incorrect position.

Protective Laptop Bag
Using a laptop bag protector is highly recommended, because the material is soft, has a foam, and wrapped with a soft thin cotton. But if the laptop is used in long time, you should remove the protective bag because it can close the air circulation path bottom of the laptop, and resulted in the laptop becomes very hot.

Turn off the laptop Pls Inserted into the bag Protector
If you want to include in its soft case, make sure the laptops are switched off, because when we close it, the laptop will be different in standby (not total dead). This will result in hot laptop. Reconfigure the settings for your laptop when the laptop is closed, the system will do hibernation (dead while). To perform the configuration, we can do by clicking Start> Control Panel> View by Small Icon. Then click Power Options> Shange Advanced Power Settings> Power Button and Lid. On Lid Close Action, change to Hibernate


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