How to Hide Photos With ACDSee Program

>> Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Windows recognize two types of attributes to handle the file view: show of hidden. Show option is used to display files, temporary files that are given attributes, by default will not be displayed by Windows.

Autan is different from the ACDSee. In this picture organizer program, attributes are not considered by him. That is, if you hide a folder or file hidden image by giving attributes. The object will still appear in the ACDSee program. Therefore, the necessary tricks in order to file the "secret" remained hidden you safely without being noticed by others. the trick is as follows:
  1. Run the program ACDSee
  2. After the program opens, click the menu "View> Filters"
  3. In the window filters, remove the check mark in front of "Show hidden files and folders".
  4. Press "OK" to save changes.


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