Anticipating the Maya World Threats

>> Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What is the difference Luna Maya with the virtual world? If Luna Maya is an artist who lives in the real world. While the virtual world is a world that is not real. Virtual world known as the Internet, though essentially a virtual, in fact could make the Luna Maya is not a headache because of the virtual porn video case which is said to resemble him circulating in cyberspace.

Not only had trouble with the police, who pack this one issue, parents, teachers, Satpol PP is also struggling because of the video content that is pornographic catagories may be accessed and viewed freely by anyone with an internet connection without any age restriction, provided with a computer , as well as know where and how to download it, so that it is not seniority or authority, but the skill or knowledge.

Even more angry again, as parents increasingly aged, willingness and ability to always improve the knowledge for all kinds of stuff (including the internet) decreases, the opposite of curiosity and the ability of children is increasing at its peak. This is one big problem faced by the parents at the time of this virtual world. The bad news is the threat of a porn video artists include only a small portion of the real threat of cyberspace


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