Hard Disk Bad Sector Experiencing

>> Thursday, August 12, 2010

In each case, bad sectors does not occur physically, its characters is the hard disk is not strange noises (noisy), and was still detected by the BIOS. To overcome this problem, there are various ways you can do, among them:

Scan har disk in another computer. to do this, you must remove the hard disk from the casing and then put it on another computer. for convenience, we recommend using a cable IDE / SATA hard disk to USB converter. To get the cable you can search the computer shop there a lot available.

After installing your hard disk will be scanned, open My Computer. After that, look for a new drive (new hard disk installed). Right click the drive and then click Properties> Tools> Check Now to show the process of scanning. Check the two existing fields. If there is no significant damage, scandisk process is complete. If your hard disk has been scanned with a more complete (through scandisk) you should restart computer so that the process can run.


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