Miranda IM 0.8.11

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Don't be startled if seeing the weight file Miranda IM this. None am wrong with you, Miranda is quite measuring very small. As a result all of them become very pretty including resource him that in fact sweeter than software that of this kind. IM protocol that is supported by him including a little but continue to be able to Street multi, like undertake account Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger.

What's interesting about this software, it has a lot of Miranda IM plugin to add it looks. If you are lazy to add it to the Miranda, the main display, may be somewhat difficult to use, because your contact list is not in very sma Alisa group displayed all at once sorted by ID. What's worse, this IM is not a sound. So if you message from a friend just a small notification appears in the system tray that is often missing from view

To just try this software, please go to the address in www.miranda-im.or. And this software is given free of charge and size was only 1.65 MB


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