DigSby Beta Build75

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

If you've tried this software before, you may consider less less attractive. The reason is, this software only offers the usual instant messenging that combines several porotokl IM, famous. But, in this new version, a lot has changed Digsby. Many interesting features that can make you addicted to allow face to face in front of the PC

Problem features, this new version DigSby deserves appreciation. Compared with similar software, he spelled out the full amount of sola IM protocols. Some popular IM chat with anyone and anywhere accounts through a single program has could support

Once it has also DigSby social support networking. Feature, only the notification as well as widgets for Facebook and Twitter can be used there. Unfortunately, that was about his ability. This means that you click on more information such as profile or inbox (eg facebook), it automatically opens a browser and direct you are presented with regular Facebook pages.

If you want to try it please download here. Approximately 17.85 size MB and the type of software can be used for all windows


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