Guarded To History The Safari Did Not Vanish

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In the Safari, History will not be kept forever. The site that was not visited again in time one automatic month was lost from the list. Fitur this was glad him and was not glad him. Be glad him, you might not maintain link the site of the waste, but was not glad him, when being needed by you already did not have again his tracks.

To overcome this, that the Safari does not remove him all since the History site, along with his trick:

01. Undertake the Safari
02. In browser the Safari, the clique of the Settings switch then chose the Preferences menu
03. After the Preferences window was open, the clique of General's menu
04. Look for the Remove History Items menu then the choice fox from After one month became Manually.
05. Close General's window to keep perubahaan.

With like this, history only will be lost if was revealed by you-correctly wanted to remove him from cashe the Safari.


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