Maintained the Measurement of the Letter

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When exploring the site web usually we could Only submit. Submit in web the manufacturer's master of the site, like what was made, like that results that were received. We could not change the contents from this site. Moreover to replace the measurement of the letter.

Busiest if we engrossed-fun browsing evidently the measurement of his letter was very lower case. The site that the kind could like this be sick the eyes. That not to mention if the colour that was used not matching

Than the headache read the contents of the site that like that, better was arranged by us that the Safari does not use the measurement of the lower case letter. For his regulation method:

01. Click Start <> the Safari > the Safari
02. After the window of the Safari was open, the clique of the switch settings illustrated the wheel that was in the right corner on the previous window chose Preferences
03. In the window settings, the clique of the Advanced menu
04. In the Universal line gave the sign of the Never Used Font Sizes Smaller Than cheque
05. Now wrote to the box on the right with the measurement of the letter that you knew


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