Kept Automatic Password

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

If you logi to the site that used password with browser the Internet Explorer. Firefox, or the Opera, you will be asked about whether will keep password or not. Broweser was made could keep password to you could access there that Sam easily without must type repeated password.

Was different from Safari, you were not asked about whether will keep password to login to a site. So that the Safari could keep password and his method username like this:

01. Undertake Safari through the Start All Programs menu > the Safari.
02. In browser the Safari, the clique of the Settings switch then chose the Preferences menu. Preferences.
03. After the Preferences window was open, the clique of the Fill car menu
04. Give the sign hit in front of the User's option names and passwords
05. Close the Autofill window to keep the change
06. Be finished


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