The Substitute Method for the Language of Browser Google Chrome

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chrome provided Indonesian. For that just studied with the computer, browser clear Indonesian facilitated. But if being normal with browser English, undertook browser Indonesian was difficult also. You did not understand the intention to words that appeared in the screen

If you already with Chrome spoke Indonesian, not busy download repeated the version of English. Be enough to follow these steps to return to the English version.

01. Undertake Google Chrome
02. The clique of the switch of Customize and Control that was received on the right, afterwards chose the Choice menu
03. The clique tab and the clique of the Difference switch of the suit of the measurement of the letter and the language
04. Choice input of English to the box that was available
05. The suit the clique OK and was closed browser you
06. Open again Google Chrome browser you and will be reconsidered by Chrome changed to English


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