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>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Windows had Task Manager to process the application inside, from task the Manager you could see the list of the application that could go how many he finished the memory and processor resources as well as how many uses of the data traffic.

In browser the public apart from Chrome, you could know details like Task Manager Windows. Finally, you could not know, the site of the most wasteful name the memory or most loaded the processor.

His profit in Chrome had Task Manager especially to web site. To use him please was followed by you were supervised this:

01. Be opened browser Google Chrome
02. Type the site that was wanted by you
03. The clique of the combination of the switch of Shrift + ESC + C. In the window will emerge Task Manager who put forward the name of the site, the number of memories was used by the site, also the burden of the processor and the use of his network.
04. If you felt one of the sites finished system resources and made hang, clicked End process in the site.


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