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>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One of the methods to make loading the site became faster that is by deactivating the picture. This trick was valid in the cellular phone and the computer. The site that was called without the picture definitely will be felt easier was opened and the cost of the internet then became cheaper. The negative is, you could not know like whether the picture of the site in fact and could not enjoy fitur the actual site, because of the picture did not emerge.

The Opera had one good solution. His name of Opera Turbo. With fitur this, you could access the site with the complete picture but stayed light during would in access. His secret was the quality of the picture was lowered and reduced before being sent to your computer.

To fitur this could be used, was followed by you his method was supervised this:

01. Open the Opera
02. After emerging the Opera, afterwards you the clique of the picture that the triangle that was gotten on the right of the picture of the speedometer. This icon was in the left corner low the screen.
03. The clique of the menu configured Opera Turbo
04. In the window of the Turbo Opera settings, determined how the Turbo Opera worked. If wanting the Turbo Opera actively, to choose the option ounce. But if wanting the Opera automatically to detect the connection, if slow just the Turbo Opera active, chose Automatic
05. Click “OK” to keep the regulation
06. And you now see results.


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