How to Know the Cause Bluescreen Computers

>> Saturday, October 22, 2011

When and find the Blue Screen of Death on Windows, the computer will store the information about error messages in log files. Log file or files stored in the minidump. Minidump subdirectory under windows. Blue Screen of Death can be your analysis using a software called BlueScreen View in order to find a solution. Software that allows you to see the cause bluescreen crashes through the information contained on the minidump file.

BlueScreen View software that has several advantages in addition to a free, portable, and small file size, and also easy to use. The way the information of this software is to take the Opera minidump file that occur when the system crashes or bluescreen. BlueScreen View you can use on windows operating system, like windows xp, windows server 2003,windows server 2008, vista, and windows 7.

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