Album Cover for MP3 Collection

>> Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mp3 file format can be covered by using software called Cover Retreiver. With the cover, of course, can be used as a cover of the disk that contains Mp3 these. Software that is small and easy to use to find cover in accordance with the Mp3 file format.

When running this software, you will be directed to enter a folder which you want to cover. After that, Retreiver Cover image will give you the option to make the cover of one of your files that you select.

The pictures you are looking for customized with the name of the file. The image search based on a search that runs through Google . This software can be used on all Windows operating systems. So, if you are looking for applications that can take images for your CD in an easy way, you can use the program Cover Retriever.

Price: Free
File Size: 619.10 kb


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