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>> Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What's new in Opera 11.51

Opera has just released the latest version, the version of 11:51, the latest version is more bagu than previous versions. Browsing capabilities in order for you to explore optimum, this version brings many updates that are designed to add security and stability of the Opera browser previously.

What's new in Opera 11.51 Extension flexibility combined with ease of Speed Dial, allowing you to view live content each time you open a new tab. Now, you can even synchronize your password on all computers with Opera Link.

Dynamic and Speed Dial Live In this release of Opera's Speed Dial is no longer only previewing your favorite websites. With the new Speed Dial extension, you can also see a live animated content such as news feeds, weather, collection of favorite photos, etc.

Synchronize Your Password
Opera Link to synchronize bookmarks and other browser information. Now, your password could be available from any computer you use. Opera enhanced security to ensure your password is stored securely in Opera Link.

With this feature, it is important to ensure that the password you are pretty safe Opera Link, Opera browser and now even help it. For information and download please visit at the address


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