How to Overcome Slow Boot Process

>> Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Usually the time needed to boot the computer since switched to the Windows desktop appear shortly, which is about -25 seconds, depending on hardware and applications used. If the boot process is slow, there may be problems with the hardware or the applications that we install on the computer.

To overcome these problems, there are some hardware or software modifications to be done. To modify the hardware, make sure the hard disk that contains the operating system located on the primary master, and another hard disk on the primary slave position. For SATA type hard disk, put the hard disk that contains the operating system at the earliest position (SATA 0 /1).

If the computer specification that is used is good, but the boot process is still slow, usually caused by too many programs that are uploaded at startup. It also can make computer memory intensive. To overcome this, perform the following steps:
  • Close all running applications
  • Click Start> Run, then type msconfig and press Enter to display the System Configuration Utility dialog box
  • Click the Startup tab in the dialog box. A check mark that appears is a list of active programs since Windows is started. If the numbers quite a lot. Remove some of the check program is needed at startup, such as e-mail client, messengers, and Microsoft Office startup
  • Click Apply> OK to activate the settings. Then click Yes on the confirmation to restart your Windows system. Control list of startup programs on a regular basis for memory usage system properly maintained.


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