Tips for Overcoming Hard Disk Bad Sector Experience

>> Monday, December 27, 2010

Hard disk bad sector affected the result of collisions, or often in the format. In case of bad sectors does not occur physically, characteristics is the hard disk no sound weird, and still be detected by BIOS. To overcome these problems, there are a few tips you can do, among others, as follows:
  1. Scan your hard disk on another computer. To do this you must remove the hard disk, then put it on another computer. For ease, you should use a IDE / SATA hard disk to USB converter
  2. After installing the hard disk that is exposed to bad sectors that will be scanned, open My Computer. After that, look for a new drive mounted > Tools > Check Now until the scan process. Check the field. If there is no significant damage, scandisk process is complete. If damaged and must be scanned with a more complete, we must restart the computer for the process can work well
  3. After Scan Disk is complete, replace the hard disk to its original computer. If you can not load the Operating System, chances are your hard disk damaged MBR.
That's simple tips for overcoming the hard disk bad sector affected, hopefully these tips can be useful for us all.


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