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>> Friday, November 19, 2010

OpenCL Support To GeForce Series 8 and Over. Nvidia chipset company recently has released software that provides additional benefits such as control panel for setting GeForce video card. ForceWare is the control panel for GeForce video cards, which usually have bundled when buying a video card made by Nvidia any brand. With this GeForce, video card configuration settings will be easier, and there are also utilities for better quality

In its official release notes, the patch version of 260.99 provides improved performance in some games, namely Civization V, Fallout, Final Fantasy XIV, and including Formula I Racing game. This version provides a SLI profile ready for game Need for Speed, Hot Pursuit, Star Wars, and others.

In addition, there are also improvements tomvol function Alt + Tab for some games that were previously not working. OpenCL Support is also included in the video card GeForce series 8 and above.

Minimum Specifications : Windows Vista,
Download : Nvidia Forceware 260.99


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