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>> Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 will revive this game with the addition of a number of methods to play a much more cool, plus a choice of control and will follow the evolution of world football in the real world. With total freedom to play, this game will introduce a power bar for every gamer that allows the gamer estimate the strength and the proper placement of each pass and shot. The ball can now be anywhere with accuracy that is really amazing with a long ball pass to a place that is empty, the short pass and a one-two techniques that allow a gamer to master the game and controlling the tempo of the game.

Freedom of the game also spread to the AI is designed so that all decisions of the AI movement is in the hands of gamers. Now AI will no longer bother you while in the midst of games and gamers must use the ability to read and act against threats given by the opponent. Even now, pass the ball was not going to immediately arrive at the feet of those who go, but you have to chase the ball that has passed.
  1. Control characters in total
  2. The implementation of stamina gauge shot
  3. Goalkeepers are far more reliable
  4. AI is already better at it
  5. There are various strategies you can use

Information: kotakgame


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