Safe While Browsing With Firefox 3.6.12

>> Friday, November 19, 2010

Based note, the Firefox browser users occupy the highest market, approximately 44.1% and all existing browsers. Excellent performance and rich feature set, and the many add-on that can be installed into one of the reasons why many Internet users choose the Firefox browser.

This is certainly not out of strength of support given by the Mozilla, Firefox constantly updating the better. Update this time it was released after fixes critical issues related to security. Gap if not corrected could potentially attack a remote code execution (long distance via a network).

There are no minor features added in this latest update. But reportedly, Mozilla is preparing for Firefox version 4.0 which is a major update to pursue standardization of HTML5 and CSS3 that have been launched in stage experiment.

Download Indonesian Version: Firefox 3.6.12
Download English Version : Firefox 3.6.12


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