SkyORB 2010 - Simulation of 3D Space

>> Friday, October 8, 2010

Who are interested in learning about the existence of space? It would be troublesome if have to go to the Planetarium before, try an easier way and the practical use SkyORB. This software will display the full sky roared and have mapped the clack of each planet in 3D so that we can see the same planet as the original.

The first time that the first run, this software will display information from which we will begin to explore along with other configuration options. There are several tools in the form of icons on the top side which is a function exists, such as 3D star map, 3d planetarium, ephemeris, search engines, sun clock, and others. we could see the earth's surface from space in real time according to the time when the software is run. Do not forget, also included a screenshot button to take pictures of the display space being monitored.

Free download : SkyORB 2010 full version ( 28.7M)


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